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Carl Giordano - Tinsmith.
All rights reserved.

Mar. 2010

Handcrafted Camp & Home Tinware
We buy old sheet metal tools & old tinplate!

NOTE: Hot-dipped tin is now available in very limited quantities from Carl Giordano - Tinsmith.
Our current supply is being reserved for making camp kettles until we are able to acquire more of this material.

Food and beverage safety issues:

Our shiny tinplate is approved for food use. We use lead-free solder for food and drink containers.
Tinware to be used with food cannot be made with Heirloom Finish..
"D" following a product price signifies that the  product is for decorative use only.

Artillery Tube Box ~
Bowls ~
Candle Box ~
Cartridge Box ~
Cups ~

Document carriers~
Fife Case ~

Fishing Tackle Box-18th C.
Kettles ~
Measures ~
Miscellaneous household items~
Oil Containers~
Pie Tin ~
Plate ~
Powder funnel~
Sander or Pounce Pot (for drying ink)
Tea/Storage Cannisters ~ 
Tinderbox ~
Tin Kitchen (reflector roasting oven) ~
Vasculum (Botanist's Box)~
Washbasins ~
Washbasins, Copper ~
See lighting devices page for camp & home lighting





Sander/Pounce Pot
Reproduction sander for drying ink
(View photo)

Abt. 3" H



Fishing Tackle Box - 18th C.
Well-documented tackle box for fly fishing accessories. Covered center container for hooks, two circular areas for storing flies and lines.
(view photo)

Coming soon $35 N/A

Botanist's Vasculum
This box is used by botanists for collecting specimens and keeping them safe until returning from nature to study the items collected.
We offer two such vasculums: a 19th c. and an 18th c. piece. The 19th c. vasculum is based on an original and the 18th c. version is a reproduction of an existing piece from the late 18th c.
Please note: hemp or cotton strapping included, as available
(View photo of 19th c. vasculum)
18th c. Vasculum
19th c. Vasculum
(Featured in the movie Master & Commander)

Featured in the 2006 Directory of Traditional American Crafts issue of Early American Life Magazine

Abt. 14" L







Tin Kitchen, complete with hand-forged iron spit and 4 skewers. Ends reinforced with heavy tinplate, construction reinforced with rivets at handles, ends. Heavy wire reinforcement on all edges, corner reinforcements. This item is the result of the study of many antique kitchens in museum collections. Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery
(view photo-door side)
(view photo-open side)
(view photo-end with drain spout)
(view photo-end with spit handle)

19" H
24" W



New England Comb Box Replica
A comb box for a lady's horn combs, perhaps keys by the door, business cards . . you decide. It is a replica of a New Hampshire comb box of diminutive size but with a multitude of possible uses.
(view photo)
4"H $23 $27.50

Tin Cartridge Box - BAR pattern, rev war.
Riveted and soldered belt loops.
(view photo)

$40 N/A
Pie Tin - A very sturdy baking tin with wired top edge and double-seamed bottom, 3-piece side.
(view photo)
8" diam $19.50 N/A
Dinner Plate - Sturdy, wired-rim plate with double-seamed bottom. Dinner plate-sized, constructed as bowl above.
(view photo)
9" diam
$21.50 N/A
Fife Case with wooden divider inside case, cord loops on lid and case. Period-correct twisted HEMP cord included; 100% natural cotton cord available, also.
(view photo-outside)
(view photo-inside)
17" L
3" W
$41 N/A
Brass Fife Case:  Solid Brass case, sized for modern fifes, with hinged lid & hasp, If applicable, cord included. Can be made to accept a leather strap--see photos. Specify HEMP or COTTON cord.
(view photo) (view photo 2)
Solid Brass - Call or email for price quote
17" L
3" W
Artillery Tube Box with hinged lid and belt loops (documented by BAR)
(view photo)
$40 N/A

Camp Kettles in hot-dipped tin, w/round forged iron handles, 
w/ or w/o riveted brass or tin kettle ears, specify brass or tin ears, please!
Thoroughly documented sizes:

Small -
  w/kettle ears
  w/o kettle ears
  w/kettle ears
  w/o kettle ears
Large -
  w/kettle ears
  w/o kettle ears
(view photo)
Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine

1.42 ga

2.77 gal

5 gal

hot-dipped tinplate




Small Nesting Kettles:
1 qt (with lid and bail)

Larger size (with lid and bail)
(view photo)

4 c. cap.

8 c. cap





Canteens: all except  Petit Bidon now include period-correct HEMP cord & cork

Crescent or Half Moon-British and civilian
(Neumann & Kravic)
(view photo)

Kidney-shaped (36 oz. capacity)
(Neumann & Kravic)
(view photo)

Half Round, Tapered Body(American) 
Sketchbook 1776
(view photo)

Petit Bidon--French Canteen (20 oz capacity)
designed to carry by means of leather strap (research courtesy of Royal Deux Ponts) Strap not included
(view photo of front)
(view photo of side)

8.5" H
5" W

7 or 8 " H
5.5" W

6.5" H
4.5" W

5.5" H
6" W






(in hot-dipped tin)



Bowl: 18th or 19th C.
(Neumann & Kravic)
(view photo)
6" W at top

$19.50 N/A
Personal Document Carrier
(Neumann & Kravic)
(view photo)
7" H $21.50 N/A
Document Carrier (dispatch)
(view photo)
14" L $19.50 N/A
Snuffbox - 18th C.  with  hand-raised (domed) lid. 
(Neumann & Kravic)

(view photo)
Note: Ladies find this box useful for pins or makeup.
3" W $12.50 N/A
Oiler - with cork & dipper
(view photo)
Abt. 4" H
.75" W
$10 N/A

Ligonier Oil Bottle
Reproduction of an oil container from Fort Ligonier in PA, research provided by a reenactor friend. Includes wire dipper and cork, lugs on sides for cord.
Please note: cord is not included at this time.
(View photo)

3.5" H $16 N/A
Oil Cans
Cylinder-shaped containers with corked spouts for storage of oils. Corks included. Lead free solder.
(view photo)


6" H
3" H


Powder Horn Funnel
(view photo)
2" H $10 N/A
18th C. Coffeepot w/side spout--Developed from 18th c. painting, "Saying Grace" by J. van Auken. Pours beautifully!
(view photo)  
9" H $68 N/A
18th C. Coffeepot - conical top
(view photo)

Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine
10.5" H
(56 oz
capacity-7 c.)
$62.50 N/A
19th C. Coffeepot - Reproduction of a pot in a 19th c. Ohio historic site
(view photo)
6.5" H
(64 oz. capacity-8 c.)
$62.50 N/A
Toddy Cup - reproduction (19th c.?)
(view photo)
N/A $32 N/A
Pint Tankard - based on an example from G. Neumann's "Antique Country Furnishings"
(view photo)
16 oz. $20.50 N/A
1/2 Gill Cup
(view photo)
2 oz. $9 N/A
Gill Cup
(view photo)
4 oz. $9
1/2 Pint Cup
(view photo-2nd cup from rt.)
8 oz. $11 N/A
NEW! Pint Cup
(view photo-cup on rt.)
16 oz. $13.50


Set of Measures: Includes 1/2 Gill, Gill, 1/2 Pt, Pt cups
(view photo)
2,4,8,16 oz. $40
(save $2.50 off individual cup prices)
19th C. Measure:  about  2 cups

(view photo)
(another view)
1 pint capacity



19th C. cup--wired handle and rim (reproduction)
(view photo)
4" W $20.50 N/A
18th C. cup--wired handle and rim; reproduction from Fort Ligonier
(view photo)
Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine
20 oz. $16 N/A
Revolutionary War Soldier's Cup
original in Geo. Neumann Collection
(view photo)
4" W $13.50 N/A
Civil War Mucket --wired handle & rim, handle riveted to cup (reproduction)
(view photo)
With lid & bail
4" W



Small Washbasin
18th C. with ring
 19th C. with handles
(view photo-19thc.)
(view alternate photo)
12.5" W at top  
Large Washbasin
18th C. with ring, no beading
19th C. with handles & beading
(view photo)
15" W at top
18th C. Copper Washbasin
Small (view photo) (view alternate photo)
(same sizes as above) Call or email for price quotes N/A
Storage or Spice Tins :

Small (reproduction-Zoar) 
(view photo)
(reconstruction from Neumann & Kravic) (view photo)

Abt. 1 c. cap.

Abt. 2 c. cap.






18th C. Reproduction Tea Cannisters:


(view photo of all three sizes)
Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine - Medium size

8.75" H

7.5" H

6.75" H








18th C. Tinderbox
(view photo)
6" W



Candle Box: late 18th-19th C.,
from a PA German original
(view photo
Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine
Abt. 13" W $65 $72
Kitchen Gadget - candlestick/funnel/ cutter (Late 19th/early 20th C.?)
(view photo)
N/A $17 N/A
Wall Box - traditional
(view photo)
8" W N/A $32 D
19th C. Apple Tray-Reproduction
(view photo)
N/A $35  $43 D
19th C. Tin Pitcher
As pictured in 1999 EAL Directory of Traditional American Crafts issue-Aug. 1999
(view photo)
N/A $97 N/A
(view photo)
Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine
Abt. 7" H $13.50 $16
Heart Cheese Mold
(view photo)
Pictured in Aug. 2002 Early American Life Magazine
7" H
3" D
$32 $37D
Reproduction Star Pan - early 19th c.
(Krimmel, Zoar, other historic sites)
(view photo)
8" W $17 $23D
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