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Revised: Mar. 2010

We buy old sheet metal tools & old tinplate!

Available Finishes, Electrified 

& Decorative Tinware

Tinware Tip
Nev'r Dull, a wadding type of metal cleaner and polish that is readily available in grocery and hardware stores, may be used to remove light rust and stains from shiny tin. It is non-toxic, therefore safe to use on food and drink vessels. Polish with a SOFT cloth--tin's worst enemy is anything abrasive!

Shiny (Bright) Tin (S)

Tinware during its heyday was referred to as "poor man’s silver." Its bright surface was polished to retain its shine. Our shiny tinplate has the heaviest coating of tin available from today’s manufacturers. It makes excellent reproduction pieces for use with food, especially good for reenactors to use during living history events.  (view photo).

Heirloom Finish (H)

For an aged look choose our "Heirloom Finish." We have perfected a finish that closely resembles very old tin, and is sought after by those individuals who love and collect antiques. The Heirloom Finish requires at least 8 steps to complete and is coated with 2-3 coats of exterior-grade lacquer to preserve its unique, aged appearance. The Heirloom Finish is not a painted finish, but rather a hand-applied treatment that turns the metal a mottled black/blue/brown. Heirloom Finish is NOT SAFE for food or drink containers! (view photo).

Solid Brass

Outdoor items, such as lanterns, withstand weather quite well when constructed of brass. The same traditional methods are used to construct the pieces, and most people choose to let them age naturally to achieve a very "period" look. Call, email, or write for prices of our listed items in solid brass—they are priced to reflect the more costly metal and will require price quotes. (view photo).

Electrified Lighting Devices (E)

Electrifying tin lighting devices is highly desirable for indoor use. We use nothing but the highest quality electrical parts, and a rubber grommet insulates wires from metal at each point where the wire passes through. Electrification adds about $15.00 per candle to a lighting device. Call for price quotes on types of chandeliers and multi-candle devices not mentioned in the online tinware catalog. (view photo).

Decorative Use Only (D)

Items listed with "D" are intended for decorative use only, and may be harmful if used for food or drink. Do not order the Heirloom Finish if you plan to use tinware for food or drink! Shiny tin is the only food-safe finish. (view photo).

Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Many available by custom order—call for price quotes. These pieces are usually made of solid brass to avoid rust problems, and they may be painted if desired. Please send a drawing or picture along with dimensions of the fixture desired. (view photo).

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