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Carl and Marcia Tinshop Tent
Set of Tin Measures
Tin Kitchen - rear door
Tinware Props
Carl and Marcia - Mount Vernon
Tinware Display
Star Pan
Pierced Barn Lantern
Carl doing a demo
Tinware display - kitchen items
Spice Canisters
Tin Kitchen - Front View
Tin kitchen in use



After several years and much consideration, we have decided it is time to raise our prices, across the board. The increases reflect the rise in prices of all of our materials. We can no longer absorb these additional costs without factoring them into the prices of the finished products. We regret the changes, but we hope our customers will understand our need to turn a profit for all the materials and labor that go into our handcrafted wares. Some prices  may reflect as well the stress on our bodies involved in forming and assembling the items. 

An Eminent
Affortment of Tinware
Executed in 
The Beft Manner

This adaptation from an 18th century advertisement has described our work since 1995 and appears on

the sign we hang in front

of our tent at reenactments.


Carl Giordano - Tinsmith is honored to have been selected for Early American Life Magazine's "Directory of Traditional American Crafts"

every year since 1996.

WE are Carl and Marcia Giordano a husband-wife team of craftsmen dedicated to keeping alive the centuries-old art of tinsmithing.  

Every piece we produce is personally handcrafted by the two of us in our Ohio tinshop using tools and techniques in the tradition of  18th & 19th century tinsmiths.

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